A great Bourbon with a

Noble Heart.

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Noble Oak is

A Bourbon with a Purpose

In partnership with onetreeplanted.org, we help save our planet and restore our forests by replanting trees in deforested areas.

How It Works

Every bottle plants a treeTM.

That tree contributes to a local tree planting project.

When the project goal is met, you will get invited to a special event.

Enter the 5-character code found on your bottle of Noble Oak to see which project you've supported with your purchase.

Current Projects

New York


149 % Funded

(3,727 of 2,500 Tree Goal)



143 % Funded

(2,142 of 1,500 Tree Goal)



105 % Funded

(2,146 of 2,050 Tree Goal)

If you don't have a code but still want to be invited to the event, click here.